Adi the Monk is a guitarist and solo performer based in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Echoing traditions of Blues, Jazz and Funk, Adi's music is very personal and expressive, transcending stylistic boundaries:

"His smooth guitar style stands out for its innovation and imagination"  (Mountain Xpress, June 2017)

Born in Illinois near the banks of the Mississippi River, He has played guitar and other instruments since childhood and fell in love with the Blues in his early teens. Adi went on to spend 8 years as a Vaishnava Monk, living in temples in India and Nepal. He has also lived in the Philippines, Greece and the Middle East.

While he cites Miles Davis, Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix as some of his biggest musical influences, Adi is loved for a soulful style and approach that is uniquely his own. He is featured as a regular entertainer at some of Western North Carolina's premier 5-star hotels and fine dining establishments, including those on the world famous Biltmore Estate. He also enjoys performing at numerous wine bars, breweries and popular restaurants in the region.

Find Adi the Monk's latest musical offerings here at The Monk Shoppe or view his calendar of upcoming events.